Mousa Jafer Al Subaiti Contracting Est.

Safety Material

We deal with the wide-ranging category that includes everything to protect workers and around them from potential dangers such as PPE, coverall, safety shoes, safety lights, first aid kit, safety signs, marine safety equipment, welding blankets, life jackets, gas detector, etc.


The products we deal with are Scaffolding pipes, Toe boards, Clamps, Single / Double couplers, ladders, brazing, plank jack, cup lock system, steel boards, grating, etc.

Building Material

We source and supply products and services such as plywood, cement, grout material, polythene sheets, planks, aggregate, sand, waterproofing, gypsum, epoxy paint, doors and windows, and many more for small, medium and large projects.

Couplings & Filters

We stock and trade all of the material you will need to connect your piping products. We deal with elastomeric and tire, gear couplings, spider couplings, disc couplings, grid couplings, fluid couplings, and many more.


MJSCO provides a single source for a wide variety and even expanding range of high-performance metals including corrosion and heat-resisting alloys. We can also offer pure nickel, nickel-copper, nickel-chromium, iron, MIC, TIG, etc.

Valves & Flanges

At MJSCO, we carry a full product range of Valves and Flanges of reputed brands. we stock ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, lug check valves, butterfly valves, regulators, etc. We trade weld neck flanges, screwed flanges, blind flanges, slip-on flanges, lap joint flanges, etc.

Pipes & Fittings

To complement our range of pipes & fittings we can supply package requirement or simple one of requirement via stocks or intimation contact with mills. We can supply cut length, extra-long, even machine from the forged bar.

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